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    Hi everyone!

    Okay so i'm a sixth form student and i know from experience, were all dreading those horrid exams and the revision that goes along with it. I, myself, am going through a lot of stress, depression, and anxiety so i kind of know how everyone feels and my exams are next month for english literature so im literally terrified!.

    Basically, if you've got any tips or advice for dealing with stress, depression ect. through the exam season then please feel free to post it! Just tell us what is your situation and we can all help each other because this is a very difficult time for us students and i dont think adults realise how hard it is for us so we have eachother to talk to and this may reduce all of the stress.

    Thanks guys!!!!

    (Also, if anyone wants like a private chat then feel free to add me on facebook as i am always prepared to help someone in my shoes!)

    (Original post by lizagirdlestone)
    Basically, if you've got any tips or advice for dealing with stress, depression ect. through the exam season then please feel free to post it!
    This is such a lovely idea, thank you so much for starting this thread! I've suffered from exam stress a lot in the past, and things only tend to exacerbate at this time of year.

    My top tips are:

    1.) Self care
    Take time for yourself, build in breaks to your revision. Having a really good structure to your day once you go on study leave really helps, so you know when you're getting up, when you're eating, when you're studying, and what you're doing for fun. Some people do work best late at night, but on the whole, make sure your structure works for you, and don't work when you're tired or distracted. If you feel yourself getting anxious and worked up, don't push yourself to finish the assignment, make sure you're calm and relaxed before you start working again.

    2.) Accept that you are only human
    Of course, you could have always revised more, done better in that test, been more focused... but so what? It's done now, and you can control tomorrow, but you can't control yesterday. If a day goes badly, write it off and try not to dwell on it.

    3.) Talk
    Friends, family, tutors.... if you're feeling overwhelmed, the worst thing you can do is carry on alone. Let some of that weight off your shoulders, you can't carry it alone.
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