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The moral support of parents to study an arts subject

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    Do your parents support your choice of course? I'd like to hear some experiences.

    I've decided for now to give up trying to convince my mum that I need to study something i'm truly passionate about after a discussion which ended in her saying that I should "stop dreaming".

    I understand her concern comes from a pragmatic mindset, but nonetheless it is extremely disheartening. I have a plan that is very pragmatic for after I graduate, but her voice is constantly the voice of negativity and doubt in my head. I've realised in order for me to get to where I want to be, I need to stop holding my mum's opinion as gospel.

    It took me a long time to ask for her to support me financially in order for me to be able to do this, which I am grateful that she accepted. I just wish she would stop reminding me that I owe her for it. I wanted to share my excitement with her when I revealed to her that I got into the school I wanted, but the first thing she said was, "how much is it going to cost?" Perhaps it's too much to ask also for her moral support in my chosen subject of fine art.

    My parents support me wholeheartedly - they always have.
    I've always been encouraged to speak up, stand out, be confident, work hard to achieve my goals, and do whatever makes me happy. They have, since I was little, encouraged creativity. No matter how ugly my creations were or horrible my fictional work was, they praised me.
    They have done the same thing for my brother, who've decided to pursue music (teaching/therapy/performance) as a career.
    We've always been told that we should choose a path which enables us to support ourselves, but in the end they only want us to be happy. Money comes second.
    Not to say that my family lives in a fairy tale. I've had a part-time job since I was 13 (my own decision), and have always wanted to earn my own money. So if what makes me happy is working as a cashier at Tesco or a waitress at Nandos, and keeping art on the side/as a hobby, then that is what they want for me.
    So yeah, I have their moral support. They support me in every way possible - both financially (which I've declined), and in spirit.

    When I was a teenager I was considering studying church music (I'm not religious, but I played the organ quite well at some point). My mother was not particularly keen on the idea, but more importantly, I realised I'm not actually musical, so that was that.

    What is your plan for after graduation? Do as many internships as you can during your degree.
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