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Really basic contract law q!

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    Hi all,

    I'm revising offer and acceptance and I'm really stuck on the below issue. I think its probably a really simple one but I just can't find the right case/authority to clarify the point.

    "As part of its Summer Sale, Spellman & Co placed the following advertisement in its shop window: “Sale starts on Monday 9am. All items will be reduced by 80%. Customers that buy sale items before 12pm on Monday will receive a free bottle of champagne.”Advise on the legal position in each of the following different sets of circumstances:

    (b) Sabrina pays for her sale items before 12pm and goes home. She then learns about the promotion and realises that she did not claim her free bottle of champagne".

    I know this is all to do with invitations to treat v offers etc, but could anyone shed any light onto the authority for this point?

    Much appreciated

    is it about intention to create legal relations ? :
    (gift in the context of commercial sales )

    You can look at Gibbons v Proctor (1891) where recovery of a reward was allowed in ignorance of the offer when the principal became aware of the offer BEFORE his agent's effective communication of the information to the offeror, even though at the time that he delivered the information to the agent he had no knowledge of the offer.
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Updated: May 3, 2016
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