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Ocd without the C

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    I have had ocd a few times before now, it wasnt typical ocd but it mostly varied and changed. But thats not the point of this post. I know from past experiences that i cant really get any help from online posts but im kind of venting now. So this is the story. I had an argument with someone i know and the person said they pissed in a drink they gave me once. At first i was really pissed off and scared, but later the ****ing morons story didnt even make sense and he kept changing it and it was very obvious its ********. But some of his statements kind of made sense but the ******** outweighed the things that made "sense". I know its very unlikely hes telling the truth but for some reason i have this obsession and anxiety it comes and gos. I dont believe him but i dont know why i have this feeling that i do and no matter how much i remind myself its obvious its ******** i cant shake that feeling away.

    Well I have OCD and that's defo not OCD. But yeah I'd say you're right about the OD part.
    I'm not entirely sure what to tell you tbh.
    I would stay from this person tbh. Sounds like they're not a great person to be around if they're gonna keep making up stories like that.
    I totally understand you not being able to shake the feeling (I'm experiencing that at this very moment). It's really not an easy thing to do but you're gonna either have to put up with it until it dies down or keep yourself occupied. Tbh it's a real pain to get rid of and keeping occupied doesn't help me at all. It might for you so I'd still try it. If it doesn't work then you're gonna have to put up with it somehow.
    Hope this helps you.

    There's something called 'pure O', which is ocd without the c.

    Maybe look into that?

    if its any help, soldiers used to drink their own urine to survive during ww1.
    I think he is winding you up, but I know that anxiou feeling is horrible, I recommend, distracting yoursef with other things, maybe watch your fave show, listen to music.
    I you feel really strssd nanxious sometimes, maye try some brething exercises and look up mindfulness.
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Updated: April 14, 2016
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