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Do violent video games lead to aggression and violence?

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    (Original post by Nmys)
    Do you think violent video games can lead to aggressive and violent behaviours and explain crimes in society today?

    I want to get opinions for some research I am doing for uni, thanks

    (btw I am fully aware of the research out there, this isn't my view I just need the opinion of the general/youth population on this matter for my work)

    ^^ Please vote (I need the stats) ^^
    I really don't think that video game violence leads to violent behaviour and crime. It's really just to do with the mentality of the individual themselves - video games don't suddenly make you violent unless you already have such tendencies.

    I don't believe so. We need only look to the Grand Theft Auto series to see how the media jumped on this and how some criminals simply used it as a scapegoat to justify their own actions. I've never run someone over in Grand Theft Auto and then suddenly got the urge to get in my car and go on a shooting spree. In my opinion it is a cowards way of justifying his own moral shortcomings to try and lessen the punishment and the medias way to harass an industry that challenges modern society and its flaws. (Grand Theft Auto is hugely satirical after all)

    The principle is stupid. People say that violent games influence aggression as people try to recreate what they see on the screen or it is normalised to them. If we accept media has this profound effect then we accept it does so outside of just violence. A good example someone gave me is by the same logic people should be trying to inflate their heads to look like wii-me's or jumping off buildings to land without damage (a la every superhero/super villain game). If they recognise a disconnect between this media and reality, it follows they recognise a disconnect in more 'realistic' media.

    It improves stimuli more in men - specifically the hunter/gatherer instinct - but in doing so actually reduces manifest violence and aggression as these natural biological instincts are catered to in a safe, sheltered environment. It gets it out of the system so to speak.

    The societal problem of violence, particularly with minors, is due to the ridiculous amounts of freedom children are given and a lack of strong parenting. Kids are held up on a pedestal for no adequate reason and - as kids do - they push boundaries. When nobody pushes back they continue to push. This is how children learn. When the law slaps them on the wrist and their parents don't care, are too busy working or are otherwise absentee they have no strong guidance (particularly due to the breakdown of the family unit and prevalence of single parents in the modern era). It is more complex than that but this is a simple summary of the myriad of problems which lead to the outcome of violence, the blame is shifted to video games because its easy to scapegoat and those in power (middle/upper class) dont play games, they rent racetracks, go skiing for a weekend etc. They have no need of them and thus any negative impact on the medium doesnt affect them.
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    (Original post by KaMingy)
    I really don't think that video game violence leads to violent behaviour and crime. It's really just to do with the mentality of the individual themselves - video games don't suddenly make you violent unless you already have such tendencies.
    Yup good argument, one I'll be exploring in my project

    If you've got violent tendencies, then I reckon violent video games can bring that out more, however, I played GTA from when I was about 10, and I wouldn't class myself as violent... If you're just a normal person I don't think it really makes a difference!

    Also, if someone can satisfy their own anger by taking it out on fictional characters in the video games, rather than in real life, that's a benefit... as long as it doesn't expand to real life!!

    I first played GTA when I was like 7 and I have yet to have any murderous intentions.
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