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Please someone who knows about dentist stuff, help me!

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    Hey, so I have braces, I have now since November of last year, I also have a thing in my mouth, I'm not sure what its called but this is what it is, its the bar across the roof of the mouth


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    Moving on, right, I just brushed my teeth a second ago and upon brushing I felt something really weird in my mouth and when I was finished, I opened up to see what it was, it is a blue string like tied around my brace on my left side and I have no idea how it got there. I've mostly just been drinking fluids today so its not from anything I have put in my mouth today, but it likes hanging down and I have no idea how to get out it, I thought if like getting a fork and trying to pick the knot or something, but I don't know if its been put in there by like my orthodontist and I have no earthly idea why she would do that, but its the first time I've noticed and I'm guess it couldn't of been there long since I'm just noticing so she couldn't of put it in but I can't get it out and its so irritating and its too like slippery to keep pulling at it and I don't see where its tied to on my brace just someone please help, I'm freaking out big time!

    Thanks, seriouslysarah

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    I used to have one of these! That never happened to me but it's probably one of the elastic bands, they seem to be in strange places but I'd guess from the wire to the bracket if they're blue. Don't worry too much but get an appointment with them when you can and they should be able to put it back on for you easily enough. Try not to fiddle with it though as you could end up breaking something else more!

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