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LPC funding...HELP!!

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    Hi everyone,

    So I am just about to complete the GDL at BPP and I am really keen to get onto the MA (LPC with Business) in September. I have a job in a local law firm as a Paralegal and I am looking to study part time on weekends to allow me to work to hopefully secure a TC at the end of my LPC.

    I am originally from the Channel Islands and have recieved a grant each year for most of my fees (and some very generous money from my parents) so I have no loans or student debt as yet, however I am only eligible for these grants when I study a course full time. Therefore I am looking to self fund the LPC or get a career development loan since I can't get a grant.

    I've been trying to work out the payment plans from BPP where you pay fees off over 8 installments over 25 months (runs just a few months over from graduation), but I'd have to be putting in my savings at least £400 a month to cover these payments...now I know us legal people can earn good money but paralegal jobs at a mid-sized firm certainly does not pay this much! I'm willing to discuss the possibility of a pay increase with the partners but I know it will never be to the amount necessary to pay my bills, living costs and fund my studies!

    I've been toying with the idea of a career development loan (a person I work with took one and always speaks of how convenient it was for her), however I know the repayments at the end will be enormous (nearly £300 a month) so either way I am still shelling out a s**t load of cash each month.

    I'm just looking to get a few ideas on what others have found an effective way of funding their LPC and I'm open to any suggestions, I know many people take a year out to save but I'd rather just get everything out the way so I can get on the route to qualification.

    L x
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Updated: April 14, 2016
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