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Dress code!!

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    Hi guys,

    I'm due to start a Post 16 Assistant Position in a school on Monday. (Sixthform assistant)
    Although it's mainly admin duties, I will be liaising with the students from time to time and helping them with gaining work placements, ucas ect.

    I did some work experience in Secondary School before but as thats a few years I'm a little out of touch and have only done office work since at a marketing firm.
    What is usually the dress code for staff?
    I understand formal, no vest or low cut tops, but are they quite strict on skirts and blouses? Is it always shirts and trousers/skirts or can you wear a smart looking top to with a cardigan?

    This may seem like a really silly question, but I'm a bit out of my depth here and my last job let me wear jeans!

    I really want to make a good impression Monday, as my boss is hoping to put me on the schools direct programme after a year of service, so I need to be on top form and presentable as possible for my start date!

    A line skirts No. Pencil Skirts are okay.
    Blouses are fine, t-shirts definitely not.
    Honestly there are quite a lot of things. Button ups and trousers or a skirt work fine. Just look at what teachers where normally.

    At my school a top with cardigan and trousers would be fine. I generally start jobs being very smart and gradually dress down! Think I pretty much wore what I'd wear to an interview for the first day. Lost the jacket on day 2 and swapped the blouse for a smart tshirt top on day 3.

    Most sixth forms nowadays have a business attire rule for the students - so you have to look smart yourself.
    You want to look smart, and not blend in with the students.

    Blazer definitely.
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