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Have I caught something?

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    Ok long story short. Received a blowjob from a girl about 2 weeks ago. We fumbled around but did not have penetrative sex. A few days ago something weird happened. The shaft of my penis started itching intensely and I scratched it intensely for a good 10 to 15 minutes or so. Within 1 hour or so it settled down. However I was left with a bizarre raised red lump on my shaft. This settled down too and by the next day it was less and was gone the day after that. I had a very sensitive area on my shaft (midway up/down on the outside) where it felt like burned skin or something. My skin was peeling off a little. I look at it about 2/3 days later it is virtually back to normal albeit a teeny sensitive. I only had itching for about 1 hour in all of this.

    I went to an sti clinic today to verify this and had a lady look at it and then she called in another lady as she thought it was dermalogical and got a 'dermalogical expert'. They came to the conclusion that they didn't believe this to be herpes (as I feared) or anything sexual and they took a swab which they said they'll test only for some bacterial infection, and that they didn't believe this to be an STI of some sort. They did say however if it gets worse to come back but they seemed sure.

    I looked at my penis tonight and around the area of the swelling is just a weird, somewhat insignificant red area. Think of like a feint red pen with a few dots. It's just not something I've seen before either.

    Anyone had similar?

    I suspect what you're seeing now is down to scratching it intensely for 15 minutes.
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Updated: April 15, 2016
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