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Quitting uni after a gap/deferred year ???

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    Hi, anyone curious enough to stumble upon this post!

    Any help will be taken, devoured and recompensed via regurgitated thank yous. Ye.

    Short Version: Is it possible to request a deferral for a year, before the course starts, get it, and by the end of said year simply quit uni without ever placing your foot in the university itself?

    More Dull Version: I would like to request an unexpected deferral from the university I picked as my sole choice since I'm not sure about uni yet and didn't indicate in the UCAS form I'm looking to have a gap year.
    Yet, if I find life more fulfilling outside Uni, do I have the choice of just leaving the uni that I deferred from without any repercussions, especially financial ones? Or am I obligated to attend the university for at least a bit, pay the £4500 my uni demands upfront and then negotiate a withdrawal?

    Any attempts to clarify are MUCH appreciated. Didn't see a thread about this possible state of affairs :/

    Short answer imo:
    Yes you are entitled to deffer if that's your choice, and if you don't intend to study you are allowed to leave at any point without any costs against you.

    longer answer imo:
    There shouldn't be any financial charges to pay since your not actually being educated if you change your mind and quit the course, that being said different university's around the world have certain rules and regulations about charges/costs to students for applying then suddenly declining.

    Deferring is basically taking a break from education and thinking about what you want to do, therefore you should be allowed to change your mind whenever you feel like it without needing to pay anything at all. In Australia if you take a Gap year/deffer you can quit at any time without fuss at all, you're simply removed from the course and sent an email saying 'sorry to see you go, good luck with future endeavors ect.'

    You should contact your selected university regarding this as you may of already agreed to a certain payment from accepting this degree.

    hope this helped -somewhat.
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    Makes sense... I suppose they have no reason to keep someone disinterested against their will.

    Thanks for clarifying this :-)
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Updated: April 16, 2016
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