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Nuclear fusion in stars help

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    "Candidates should be able to explain why the earlyUniverse contained only hydrogen but now contains alarge variety of different elements."

    Could anyone explain this too me? I understand that elements heavier than iron were created in supernovae as only in supernovae is the energy necessary to fuse elements heavier than iron possible, and those lighter than iron because sufficient energy was available only to those elements, but I can't explain why hydrogen initially.

    Ok so hydrogen is basically just a proton and an electron.
    The main point to this is that in the big bang, there was a massive annihilation that occurred with matter and antimatter. The gloopy guts of this so to speak was a plasma, with electrons and protons only.
    In this cosmic soup, protons attracted electrons and formed hydrogen in the inflation of the universal soup. This was a stable isotope of hydrogen and therefore they did not decay, nor did they fuse into more elements (mainly because the energy just wasn't there in space)
    The hydrogen collected due to gravity and Kepler's laws, and eventually fused to form stars.
    The rest you know

    (Original post by Aear)
    "Candidates should be able to explain why the earlyUniverse contained only hydrogen but now contains alarge variety of different elements."
    After the big bang there was just one element, the hydrogen consists of one proton and electron. After a while it came to a fusion of hydrogen elements, so lighter elements like helium and lithium were the next elements who came into being. They were the first elements in the whole solar system. About hundred billion of years later, the first emerged stars released a nuclear reaction inside. So hydrogen and helium are fusing to heavier elements up to iron. Thanks to this heavier elements, the stars have had a heavier mass, it came to supermovaes of the stars, an enormous explosion which caused the creation of another elements like carbon.
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Updated: April 16, 2016
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