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Romeo and Juliet present day

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    I have a crush on someone. And yeah, I'm the Juliet. We have a lot of classes together and I think they like me. The whole English class has a group chat, a girls group chat and a boys group chat. But recently, my crush added some of the football jocks who are mates of his and then he removed most of the girls except me, my best friend and a girl who is never online but is really good friends with most of the jocks. I asked Romeo (That's not his real name) to make me admin and he removed my best friend, had a vote on the boys group chat and then made me admin. Meanwhile, a friend who doesn't know about this crush declared war on the boys and so now I'm admin I need two things, 1 advice and 2 tactics to prove that no-one removes my best friend from the chat.

    Erm... I'm not quite sure what the role of admin is and it's not entirely clear to me if your crush removed all the girls from the group chat or just defriended them but I'm assuming that he removed the girls from the group chat, in which case it seems wrong for him to do so, what gives him the right to pick and choose who's in your class group?? Also, why would he purposely make people's lives inconveniant and stop them from being able to disscuss English work? It just doesn't make sense to me. I think you need be straight up with him and tell him that it's wrong for him to have deleted all these girl's from the group! If you want to be in a relationship or get to know this guy you need to learn to be straighforward and open with him. If you can't confront him now, would you be able to confront him in a relationship? Also, if he responds negetively towards you then he's childish and immature and it might be worth thinking over if he's someone worth persuing! Hope this helps and good luck x

    This story doesn't give me a good vibe for some reason.

    Lmao 'declared war on the boys'...are you in year 6?
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    (Original post by Biryani007)
    Lmao 'declared war on the boys'...are you in year 6?
    Nope Collage it just gets mote immature from here
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Updated: April 21, 2016
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