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I'm EXTREMELY socially awkward with people my own age :(

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    Hi there,
    Basically, my boyfriend of 3 years and I have broken up and I know its really early to be thinking of this, but I'm really socially awkward and scared that I'll never get into another relationship because of it

    I say things that don't seem to folllow the same patterns of conversation with people my own age. I can talk about uni life but am not interested in things that other people are interested in and am not sure what is socially acceptable to talk about around people my own age. I get anxious and intimidated by people my own age especially if I think that they are better than me, more attractive, more outgoing or part of the party crowd When I'm talking to people my own age, I get anxious and feel awakward and the more anxious I am the more socially awkward I get and the more socially awkward I get the more anxious I get about talking to people D: I just don't really know what to do. I'm not very playful or exciting and I'm scared people find me boring and awkward
    Any thoughts?

    Instead of worrying about relationships, why not focus on being yourself and working on your confidence and self esteem. Get involved in some activities and clubs, do some voluntary work or soemthing like self defence. If you cna build your confidence up a little you will worry less and you will become more attractive. learn to be comfy in your own skin rather than worrying about others. Get hold of a copy of Susan jeffers feel the fear , but do it anyway off ebay or Amazon, it will cost you pennies and is a good basic introduction into self empowerment. As for biys dont worry therewill be thoisands different and better suited wandering around. You WILL get more relationships, its only natural to be down after something has finished, but you can now do all the things you wnated to but couldnt whilst you were coupled.
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Updated: April 16, 2016
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