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Aldi experience day

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    Hey, I've been invited to an Aldi experience day for 2 hours next week, had an interview already but been called to come in and take part in the next stage of the recruitment process. Just wondering if anyone has done one of these before? What should I wear and what sort of tasks will I be doing during the 2 hours? Any help appreciated. (I'm new to TSR so not sure if I've posted this in the right place, please point me in the right direction if not)

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    Hey mate.

    I just got offered a job at Aldi as a store assistant. I went to a Aldi experience this Monday and it's really ok.

    About 30 minutes was spent doing health and safety stuff, nothing too interesting. We also had to talk a little about ourselves (there were 2 others doing their Aldi experience with me), but it was a really nice atmosphere, nice and chilled out. We were then given a tour of the store, shown how to use pallet trucks and the bailer which you may or may not use. Then I was put with a member of staff and I helped do around 30-40 minutes of produce which is just putting the fruit and veg stock out. We then went back in the staff room and wrote down uniform sizes etc.

    It's honestly nothing to worry about; if you've made it this far you've probably got the job.

    In terms of what to wear, try and wear smart shoes and trousers and maybe a polo shirt or shirt. Remember you will be putting stock out so make sure to wear something comfortable. :P
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