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How long do you think this hypothetical culture would last in 1880s America?

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    This is a hypothetical culture I am making up and wondering how long it would last back in the 1880s?

    Below is a list of cultural values....

    1. Can't get out of bed before 12pm.
    2. Can't lift heavy objects or get dirty. Though ironically some of them won't shower.
    3. Must protest about everything they don't like.
    4. Must change relationships frequently.
    5. Can't farm or carry heavy stuff. Can't fight in wars etc etc.
    6. Can't eat red meat.
    7. If they were alive today, they would be restricted to Hospitality, Retail and Unemployment. Though some may end up working for office/admin type jobs.
    8. Doesn't respect authority.
    9. Everything must be inspiring.
    10. The main religions in this culture are Protestantism, Wiccanism, Buddhism, Atheism, Agnosticism and Universalism.
    11. Sees emotion as a form of strength. Like crying isn't a sign of weakness to them.
    12. Places great "value" on Education but most of them would study an Arts degree if they do go to university.
    13. Have an appreciation for arts and creativity.
    14. Must party every night.
    15. Values independent thinking and progressive politics.
    16. Some of their sayings are "Respect other people's cultures, just as they would yours" or "Emotions are a form of strength not weakness".
    17. They must loose their virginity by 14 years of age. This rule applies for both boys and girls, though girls suffer a slightly harsher consequence because they get the word Frigid in capitals tattooed on their forehead. For some unexplained reason boys don't get this tattoo. The tattoo makes these women undesirable to the men in that culture.
    18. They think right-wing voters are just a bunch of grumpy fascist kill joys.
    19. The women must get abortions, they can only get pregnant once they reach the age of 40.


    Sounds like you are describing some sort of teenage hipster.
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Updated: April 17, 2016
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