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Sickness during an exam

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    I missed my OCR Biology exams today because of severe acute tonsilitis. I spend 4 days in hospital (just got back today) and have all the relevent certificates.

    Anyways, I have a drama thoery exam on Friday and I'm still quite ill at the momment and really don't have the motivation to revise (am feeling dizzy, weak and tired). I'm determined to do the exam on Friday but I was just wondering if the sick notes from the doctor will enable me to have some leaniancy when the examiner is marking my paper?

    If so, do I have to ask the examiner person at my school now or can I hand my sick note to them on Friday before the exam?
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    my friend missed about 4 months from school in year 11 because of 'tonsilitis' which she actually had for about 10 days in january- she really milked it. her doctor got her a note so she got 20% or something added on to her results for all subjects.

    since you have accute tonsilitis which you obviously arent making up in anyway- and its during your exams and has made you miss one, Im sure you'll get a significant amount added on
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    Thanks for that.

    I'm kind of gutted at the momment as it means my whole year of working hard for Biology AS has practically gone down the drain. And now I'm going to have to get my head around A2 Biology from September whilst trying to retain/revise AS stuff for January. I'm going to be very busy thats for sure.
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    I thought it was a measly 3% increase????:confused:
    but if it 20%...*Cough* *Cough* I have severe dental pain...
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    Apparently if you find out you have a terminal illness you can get an increase of about 4%, that'll make them feel a whole lot better I'm sure.
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    Well I had glandular fever and acute tonsilitis a week before english. was in hospital... and I went for it anyway... and died... but apperntly the maximum mark for any board is 2% thats it!!! If you sit the exam but have doctors papers thats all you get.... dont know about not sitting it.... but yeah 2% is pretty damn krap considering your out during prime revision time.. still feeling really tired and cant really work that well... had bio today.... 2% makes up for the quality of written communication mark I wont get I guess.......
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    well even if you dont get 20% (im sure it was 20%) you can let universities/business know why you got a bad result and you wont need to retain the biology consistently- just revise thoroughly in december a bit/ january and since you already did it it will all come back

    I know though- It must be so annoying and frustrating for you

    hope all goes well from now on!
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    You should get special consideration for the exam on Friday if you do it, but for the one you missed, I have a feeling you'll just have to resit in January since it's only AS Hope you feel better soon anyway.


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Updated: June 5, 2007
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