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Teacher training routes

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016
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    Please could someone recommend the best teacher training route -

    PGCE, Schools Direct, or SCITT?


    Each course and provider will be different.

    You can do a PGCE which will give you QTS and MA credits or QTS-only courses.

    PGCEs are university led in that you usually spend a few weeks in uni before starting in a school. You have 2 placements. It's tuition fee. No salary.

    SCITTs - you can get a PGCE through a SCITT or QTS only again. You will be in school for 4 days and 1 day at uni. you'll start in the school straight away. There are 2 placements. It's tuition fee. No salary.

    SD - is similar to a SCITT but they offer salaried positions where you're employed by the school. There's also tuition-fee routes.

    (Original post by Chlolouxxo)
    Please could someone recommend the best teacher training route -

    PGCE, Schools Direct, or SCITT?

    We can't really. Could you recommend the best animal from a choice of hedgehog, seal or kangaroo?

    What's your personal situation? Would you like a gentle introduction to teaching or to be thrown in the deep end? Do you enjoy university and want to spend more time there? Do you plan to move aboard to teach? Primary or Secondary? If Secondary, what's your subject and degree class? Ask yourself some questions and the answer should emerge.

    There is no straight answer to that question, there are far too many variables to consider.

    I recommend you visit as many providers of the different options as you can, see what 'feels' right. Even then, you can change your mind.

    For example, I was hell bent on the SCITT route. Visited the lead school, spoke to the teachers themselves, all seemed perfect. Then I interviewed with them. Alarm bells started ringing as some things I was told on the day contradicted what I'd been told previously, there was a general air of disorganisation, and so on.

    In contrast, when I interviewed with a PGCE provider, it felt like I 'fitted', if that makes sense? The atmosphere was so much better and they could offer me more training options than the SCITT route (I want to specialise in behaviour management and the university have links with the local PRU, for example).

    I've now confirmed a place on the PGCE course.
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Updated: April 17, 2016
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