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help with costs of international unpaid internship?

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    Hi, I'm nearly finished with uni. The plan is to get as much experience (hopefully as much paid as possible) for a year or two in my industry (marine science/ecology) then do a masters, then get a 'proper job'. There's a research centre in South America which I would love to go back to. But it's unpaid and the trip would cost maybe £1-1.5k. Internships there are for 4-6 weeks. I could scrape the money together, but it would be at a time where I'm trying to save up!

    I know some of my classmates got funding to help with their dissertation fieldwork, but they were carrying out research. I would be helping some people with theirs, but not carrying out anything official myself. It's a beautiful place and pretty much paradise and would be a great experience, but also expensive. When I was there on a fieldtrip, it seemed as if interns get free food and accommodation, but the website seems to indicate otherwise, but hasn't been updated in a while.

    Is this just for people with rich parents who can afford to pay for them or have worked to save up for the trip or is there somewhere that I can get help with covering the costs?


    Your University might have a particular international department which can help you to discover if there are any particular funding opportunities available for specific Internships, and the University itself may even provide some funding. Here is an example from the Nottingham Trent University Website - http://www.ntu.ac.uk/current_student...hip/index.html

    There is another thread open at the moment hosted by The Intern Group which provide information about potential Internships and they are willing to provide information should you need help.

    I completed an Internship in China, going through a company backed by a Government-based scheme called Generation UK where they provided the funding for the Intership itself (sadly for China-based Interships only), and that covered the cost of the Intership itself and the accommodation, whereas living costs and flights were paid for by me.

    Another thing you could do is just contact the company itself and see what they say; they will be the ones who can most likely clear things up for you.

    Hope this helps (:

    (Original post by coriacea)
    Is this just for people with rich parents who can afford to pay for them or have worked to save up for the trip
    Pretty much, although it's worth making the enquiries referred to ^^

    As an aside, if your long term goal is ecology/marine science work in the UK conventional wisdom is that you would probably be better to intern/volunteer in the UK where you can get more relevant experience, make contacts, network etc
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Updated: April 26, 2016
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