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Girls, do guys underwear matter?

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016

    (Original post by Stk1010)
    Hey, so I've been seeing this girl (it's kind of a friends with benefits arrangement) for a couple of months and a couple of days ago she told me that it really turned her off whenever I wore 'kiddy' boxers. I.e. Anything that had a pattern or print or crazy colours. The kind of boxers you might get from Topman perhaps. She said they looked immature and childish. She much prefers standard, plain black, white or grey boxers. She said she likes branding and designer too such as CK.

    It threw me a bit because I'd never had anyone comment about my boxers before and it's funny because I really like it when girls wear sexy knickers/thongs so I guess it's only fair that girls get to like their partners underwear too, it just never crossed my mind.

    I was wondering whether this is a thought about subject amongst girls? Or whether this particular girl is just being picky? Haha!
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    she's not being picky, she can't help it if it turns her off, why would she get turned off if you're dressed like a little child, it would be perverted if she did.
    if you're a grown man why are you wearing kid pants anyway? be a man lol.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    To be honest, she seems like a complete materialistic girl if she cares about what boxers you wear... Just re-reading what I wrote makes me facepalm.

    What boxers you wear shouldnt affect anything in your situation, whats under them should matter more
    this is really stupid of you to stay, of course it "affects" a situation, the situation is sexual stimulation, visual things can be stimulating also detracting.

    well if a girl wore granny pants how would a guy feel? except the difference is girls wouldn't wear them anyway, girls (well my friends and I anyway) and prefer wearing nice underwear regardless of boys' preferences.

    (Original post by MrsSheldonCooper)
    If you turn me on as a person then yes
    Cool, I can save £20 per boxer.

    She's being picky. I like it when a man is unexpectedly commando when his trousers come down.

    25 quid for a three pack , fam students are broke.

    i never even thought about this before. I wear stripe/check/sort-of tartan patterned ones from primark and I'm now wondering if these are considered "childish".

    I wouldn't care what underwear a guy wore - whether it was boxers, briefs, mature, cartoon designed or just didn't wear any underwear at all. Wouldn't be a big deal to me at all.

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    I like CK but wouldn't really have a problem with it unless they looked like Spongebob print-speedos
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Updated: April 24, 2016
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