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Revision help :(

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    Hey guys. I am struggling in Geography in general because when it comes to the end of a topic and we then have to do an end of topic test, I always fail to get my grade and I end up having to redo my test. The reason why is I struggle to learn the case studies and know the know the basic format of a 6 mark question, or just a long question. Can anyone help? Also does anyone have any useful/fun/quirky revision ideas? Thankss

    Hiya! For long answer questions, we were advised to keep SPEED in mind which stands for Social, Political, Economic Environmental and Demographic (I think that's what the D stands for but not 100% sure) factors and always keep Point, Evidence and Explain in mind even if you are at college/sixth form and not doing your GCSEs.

    Perhaps, you could make remembering case studies like a game whereby you have to remember 3 or 4 key points about each case study. I'd advise doing practice papers and comparing your answers against the mark scheme as well. When I was at school and Sixth Form, I found past papers extremely useful!! Ooh, you could write facts on pieces of paper, shuffle them about and assign them to different case studies and then see if you got them correct? Do it until you get them all correct? Hope this helps!!
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Updated: April 19, 2016
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