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From independent to state school

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    Hey all

    I should start off by saying I don't live in the UK. I'm a British national/citizen but have lived for the past few years in South America where I go to a private and very much elitist school. Now, I don't mean to be snooty or arrogant, that's just simply the way it is. My classmates and I were lucky enough to be born into the richest 1% and have had a top-quality education throughout our lives.

    However, my family has now decided to move back to London where I will be going to a sixth form to finish my studies. And even though my family has the resources to pay for an independent school, they seem reluctant to do so. I've therefore been applying throughout the past few months to a number of highly-achieving state schools mostly in central london.

    I'm super excited to be coming back and that so many schools have already given me conditional offers, but I can't help but feel slightly uneasy about the schools I'm applying to. As I said, throughout my whole life I've been surrounded by wealthy kids from wealthy families and so suddenly changing to a school where most kids will be travelling over an hour to get to school, mostly come from disadvantaged families and have to apply for free school meals, kind of makes me feel a little uncomfortable and isolated. I really must stress that this is not because I'm snobbish or anything of the sort, but simply because I've never been around people from a different social class, I'm just not accustomed to it.

    I wanted to ask for people's opinion on this. Do you think I'll be laughed at for being too posh? If you've gone through something similar please do comment. I hate sounding like a snob but this is annoyingly something which is lingering in my mind and which I'd like to have other people's opinion on.


    My advice is don't go out of your way to flaunt your lifestyle and try be considerate Not everybody gets to fly in helicopters and sail around the world etc etc. State school kids are no difference to any independent schools apart from money. There isn't much of an intellect gap to be honest at all (Been to both). You will be fine! You may be surprised that you won't notice much difference :P
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