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Eton is cheaper in terms of contact time

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    (Original post by Daftpunker)
    No...sorry going with the below logic.

    Eton College - 55 hours a week of supervised contact time for students £35,800...36 weeks a year = £18.08 an hour

    Any university £9000 a year - 26 weeks a year...11 hours supervised contact time a week = £31.46 an hour.
    Why would you expect to pay less for higher education???

    This makes it sound like a choice between Eton and university. It isn't that people choose to pay for university and yet not Eton because they think university is cheaper or better value. They do it this way because schools are available for free, whereas university (generally) isn't.

    Eton shouldn't be comparing itself to universities to demonstrate value. After all, as the last poster said, university is a higher level of education and you might expect it to be more... To demonstrate that Eton is good value you would need to show that it is more worthwhile to pay for Eton than it is to get a state education for free.

    (Original post by Trapz99)
    Well, my school does have more people getting into Oxbridge and RG unis than private schools do, so I'd say it is better.
    The worst school in my area had more getting into Oxbridge then the local private school.

    (Original post by Daftpunker)
    In terms of hourly rate (based on the average 11 hours a week contact time students have in their courses) it now costs double to attend ANY university then it does to attend Eton College. Unbelievable...probably the most over-priced thing in the history of the UK.
    And your guaranteed a cabinet job in any future conservative government.
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Updated: May 3, 2016
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