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Hey guys can some please help me out with this Criminal law question :) xx

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    Donald and Amina, a married couple, are having a birthday party for their five-year-old son. After the guests arrive the children begin to play party games. One of thegames involves jumping into the swimming pool which Donald has had installed inhis garden. One of the guests, Joe, a shy seven-year-old, refuses to take part in thegame. However, as he is passing close by, Donald playfully pushes Joe and he fallsinto the pool, striking his head on the bottom. In the excitement of the game nobodynotices Joe's feeble efforts to save himself. Eventually Donald realises something iswrong and pulls Joe out of the pool. By this time Joe is unconscious and Donald tellsAmina to give the boy artificial respiration whilst he telephones for an ambulance.Amina, a trained nurse, is so intoxicated that she gives Joe thoroughly bad treatment. An ambulance is called and as it departs for hospital. Rowena, Donald’s sister,announces the party is over and begins to call some of the parents of the children wholive in the same street. Jasmine, one of the parents, asks Rowena whether she can usethe telephone to call the parents of Kevin and Yvonne, two of the children at theparty. Rowena replies, ‘I hope you’ll be quick, Jasmine. Today’s events have upsetme enormously. I don’t want you to phone up your gossiping friends. Be quick. Idon’t want you telling everyone your dreary life-story’. Jasmine turns around andsays, ‘now hang on a moment, there is no need to be rude, the kids are all upset’. Atthis point Rowena grabs the telephone from the hand of Jasmine, causing her tostumble, and screams ‘Get out! Just get out and take the kids with you!’ Kevin hearsthis and starts to cry. < continued...> Jasmine turns around to Rowena and shouts ‘now, look what you’ve done, I’ve hadenough of you’. As Jasmine starts to move away to take the kids away Rowenascreams ‘don’t you try and hit me’ and pushes Jasmine. Jasmine falls forward andbumps into Yvonne who hits her head on a nearby cupboard, causing her head tobleed. Rowena shouts ‘that’s your fault, you tried to hit me, I did what I needed to’.Jasmine takes Yvonne to hospital in her car where she receives stitches. When the ambulance carrying Joe arrives at hospital he is pronounced dead on arrival.A post mortem reveals that Joe had a congenitally weak skull which was fractured inthe fall and that this, in combination with water in the lungs, was the cause of death.The evidence establishes that, had Joe received proper treatment from Amina, his lifewould have been saved. Consider the possible criminal liability of the characters in this scenario.

    Sounds like one hell of a birthday bash :O

    And your thoughts are?

    Also can i ask, who on earth wrote this :curious:

    (Original post by TSRFT8)

    Also can i ask, who on earth wrote this :curious:
    Someone who knows how to party obviously \( ._. )/ /( ._. )\ ~( ._. )~
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Updated: April 19, 2016
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