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A Level study spaces/libraries?

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    Hello! I live in London, and in the final months before exams, I've been looking for a quiet area to study. I find actually travelling somewhere makes study sessions feel more deliberate and boosts my productivity a lot. So, I've been on the look out for a good, cosy-atmosphered, A-level-friendly library around London.

    I've tried many but all have their catches. The British library requires a long registration process that's targeted towards uni students. Many libraries don't allow bags or pens to be brought in. Many are noisy or filled with families. Many are fine but not very aesthetically pleasing (important to me). There seems to be nowhere targeted towards the younger 17+ student age range.

    In the discovery of this apparent gap in the market, I've been considering quite seriously about setting up a kind of library, book-y coffee shop in London at some point in the future. It would be fairly large but be cosy, would have all the relevant textbooks and plenty of other books available, and plenty of desks with power sockets and wifi. Plus there would a plethora of homemade revision snacks and drinks on sale. It would be suitably spacious but rustic and friendly and have a kind of Shoreditch-y vibe to it (I am aware of how pretentious this sounds but that was the only way I could think to describe my vision). But you know, rugs & tea-stained wooden tables kind of look.

    My question is: what do you think? Does anyone know of anywhere like this that already exists in London. Would you find use in somewhere like this? Would you consider paying a monthly or yearly fee for access to somewhere like this, and if so how much? Any ideas, advice or tips?

    Thanks v much

    (Original post by EllaWelly)
    I thought barely anyone recognised this issue. It's so annoying because sixth form/college students are not allowed in the "good" libraries.

    What do you think?
    I think it's a great idea, I wouldn't be surprised if this potential business becomes successful fast. I've acknowledged this gap, but I thought most students prefer to study at their local library/college/home.

    Does anyone know of anywhere like this that already exists in London.
    Nope, haven't heard of a place like that.

    Would you find use in somewhere like this?
    Yes! I would love to have an environment like that, it would motivate me to work.

    Would you consider paying a monthly or yearly fee for access to somewhere like this, and if so how much?
    Well of course there needs to be a payment made. Not sure how much as you need to look at potential competitors price and adjust your pricing mechanism to it. It would be best if the fee could be as cheap as possible as most A-Level students aren't earning.

    Any ideas, advice or tips?
    • There needs to be wide range of snacks, different types of hot drinks, students love food. It would be a great way to make money as it would be paid on top of the fee to access the study area.
    • It needs to be located in a convenient location.
    • There could be red zone - no talking allowed, yellow zone - group work and whispering allowed and a green zone which is to chat in
    My head is exploding with ideas. :ahee:

    Question: Are you actually considering to set this up? :curious:
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Updated: April 19, 2016
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