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Telling my housemates?

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    Hey everyone,

    I've had depression for almost 7 years now and I'm just wondering for anybody who has been in the same position, when did you find was the right time to tell your new housemates about your mental illness?

    It can be quite sever from time to time and I can shut myself away and I don't really want to worry people like that without an explanation, but at the same time I don't want the first thing I say to new people on Freshers week to be 'Hi, I'm Monica and I have depression.'

    Through the years I've learned to be open and so I have no reservations about opening up, I'm just anxious about how it will be received. When's the right time to spill the beans?

    Thanks in advance.


    In all honesty, there's no wrong or right time to bring up the topic of your mental health but I guess when you feel most comfortable with talking about it. As it's something quite personal, you're bound to feel a bit anxious about talking to people you don't know very well about it but remember that depression is something lots of people go through or experience at some point in their lives, we all have ups and downs in our mental health.

    Even though some point may not have had a diagnosis or severe/significant episode of a certain mental illness, they are bound to understand even a little and chances are they'll probably know of friends or family members who are going through something similar. If anything it will bring you closer with your flatmates as you'll have shown a more vulnerable side to yourself and they might feel more comfortable with revealing their own vulnerable sides and as a result may feel more at ease around you.

    However, if there are some negetive reactions to it then remember that it is not an issue with you but rather an issue with them- perhaps they are igorant and don't know much about it or they might be experiencing mental health issues themselves and feel threatened by you being so open about it. It's probably a good idea to be as open as possible and awnser any questions they have as best as you can, maybe talking about what they can do when you are feeling particuarly depressed might help- for example, leaving you alone or asking you if you need anything.

    I hope this helps you, it's amazing that you are so open about your depression and it's a really positive sign and so important! I hope everything works out, good luck! xxx
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