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A few primary teaching questions!

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    I'm strongly considering going in to primary teaching but need a little bit of advice...if anyone here has any answers that would be great.

    I'd like to have a bit of an edge and eventually want to progress in to a leadership role. I may apply for a primary PGCE with MFL specialism, but I just wondered if this is really worth it? I have a proven natural ability in languages - I was picked as part of a gifted and talented scheme to sit my Spanish GCSE two years early, and then got my french GCSE two years later, but after that I only got AS levels in both the subjects. Most (if not all) of the universities state that they require at least an A level in a MFL, so this would mean I'd need to cram that in next summer before starting the PGCE. I would really, really like to specialise in MFL but unfortunately it's not covered in my degree at all. I'm aware that they are covered in the general PGCE but I've heard this is not to such a great extent.

    Any help would be appreciated...thanks

    On my PGCE we have had a grand sum of 1 session on teaching MFL. Like most of the uni sessions, it was a waste of 2 hours. They gave us a list of places to go for resources and showed us YouTube clips of songs.

    In all the (3) schools I've had placements in, MFL lessons are delivered by the TA or HLTA to give the class teacher their PPA time and the standard of teaching and learning is shocking.

    Might be an idea to look at job opportunities asking for MFL specialisms to give you an idea of opportunity and desirability and help you decide if it's worth it.
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