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kissed my best friend and now she has gone crazy

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    Im best friends with this girl, its been about a year. We have been very close, we have dated other people during this time.

    the kiss
    3 weeks ago, we were out for drinks, for some reason she was really happy. This got a bit flirty, and started we kissing, I had my hands up her skirt and everything. I wanted to hit on her and I succeeded I am quite a touchy person when I am hitting on girls.
    I do find her attractive, so I kept kissing her. During easter holidays, everything was fine, we texted pretty much everyday, or called like we do usually.

    the present

    Monday - in lectures she walks past and ignores me, and starts talking to random guys. Ignore this so I go and sit with my friends. I would say she did this to make me jelous, becuase later that day she tries calling me, and texts me when I dont answer

    Saturday - we go for drinks at the uni bar, im not to flirty, and rather quiet and reserved. Just in a chilled mood, but im still talkative. She sees this behaviour and starts questioning me. "why are you being so boring, why are you sad, what is wrong with you" she gets more aggressive as it goes on. I Brush it off.

    I tell her im going to the bathroom she say you are only going to text somebody

    I come back, we are sat close, she then say "what are you looking at, my breasts, you are disgusting I wasnt even looking there, but she said is in a jokey way, so I guess this is her trying to flirt.

    Sometimes when I talk I lean my head to the side and back, she started copying this. She mentions if I saw her on monday, I guess her talking to other guys is her trying to make me jealous.

    as the night goes on, she says [b"]lets not see each other for 6 months and lets see what happens"[/b] I dont have a clue what she means, and why she said 6 months.

    we talk, and I must of said something, so she walked off. I follow her outside, and ask her what is up. She says you are just being strange. We both go home.

    what does this all mean
    She didnt text me all day sunday. my guess is that she

    1. likes me, but because I wasn't doing anything flirty she got upset and left
    2. she is playing some game, where she wants me to chase her
    3. she likes someone else, and wants to make it clear we are friends

    we are both 20, and I expect her to be quite grown up.

    she is trying hard to play. or you might have 2 sides and she only likes one (eg you are sometimes nice sometimes not (not saying you are))
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    (Original post by callum_20011)
    she is trying hard to play. or you might have 2 sides and she only likes one (eg you are sometimes nice sometimes not (not saying you are))
    so should I play to her game, or just let her come to me?

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    so should I play to her game, or just let her come to me?
    either would help
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Updated: April 19, 2016
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