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David cameron admits that the british museum are full of stolen artifacts.

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    (Original post by queen-bee)
    This isn't exactly news. What's British about the British museum?
    - A large part of the funding is paid for by the British taxpayer;
    - It does far more for cultural awareness than most equally reputable institutions - this remains, in my well-travelled opinion, a truly 'British' ideal: culture, even when not our own, should be shared.

    (Original post by HucktheForde)
    Britain refused a 1976 request to cede the diamond, citing the terms of the Anglo-Sikh peace treaty. “I could not advise her majesty the Queen that it should be surrendered,” said Jim Callaghan, the prime minister at the time.

    David Cameron has also said he would oppose returning the diamond. “If you say yes to one you suddenly find the British Museum would be empty,” the prime minister told India’s NDTV in 2010.


    Cant put this in news section cause its not news, but the link article was published on april 18 2016

    Now completely ignoring whether the diamond was legitimately given or stolen , which is not the point of this thread, the bolded part of his quote..................... Did he just admit that the british empire steal from other people??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:
    No. He's saying, if the British Museum was to restitute everything to every country with such claim, it would become empty.

    Take this example:

    The Greeks *****ing about the Parthenon marbles. If it wasn't for Elgin salvaging what was left, they would have turned into rubble with the Ottomans bombarding the Parthenon. Where was the Greek Nationalist movement to protect the Parthenon when the Turks bombed it and ravaged the remnants of it into a mosque? Now all of a sudden it revived. Cucks.
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Updated: April 26, 2016
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