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The Voice Within

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    The Voice Within
    I sat with my shoulders hunched over and my head hung low,tear trails left streaming down either side of my broken face. Beside the decaying remains of my bedside cabinet I looked downwards towards the cold stone floor. Everything was fuzzy; all I could see were these intricate shapes.What was once a blur of misshaped floor tiles began to form somewhat of a puzzle. Like the puzzles I played with when I was a child, when I was once a child… Not anymore though, my childhood was robbed of me, I was nothing now.These voices held me captive, they kept me pushed against the walls of this dilapidated, grim excuse for a home. I was now just a lonely vessel with no meaning – I tried to stay strong but I couldn’t. It’d taken me prisoner.Without warning a short sharp screech escaped from within my lifeless body and my thoughts came to a sudden stop, as my head was violently thrown backwards.
    “You deserved this.” And that was the last I heard of the voices. The last thing before they took me over. Before I’d finally lost all control…

    This is for the:
    English Festival - Short Story Competition Directory!
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Updated: April 18, 2016
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