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Studying Mathematics at Exeter

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    I had to decide between engineering mathematics at Bristol and mathematics at Exeter, and eventually chose Exeter.

    I suffer from mental health issues, and it seems the support and facilities offered at Exeter are FAR better than Bristol. Bristol may be academically superior, but I need to think about all aspects of the uni, not just the course.

    Also, I think the fact it's a self contained campus with a fairly average nightlife actually suits me better. I've never been the clubbing type anyway, and the borderline city/countryside feel to Exeter is really nice.

    Can anyone tell me how they experienced Maths at Exeter? Is the course in itself good?


    I'm sorry to hear about your mental health issues. In the interest of full disclosure, i feel i should say about your mental health support services-many of our students, probably in similar positions to you, have complained about very long waiting times and poor service. Im not sure if Bristol's are non-existent, but we have been getting a lot of complaints over my three years here, and it doesnt really look like things have improved too much.

    As I haven't used them myself I cant speak for how well it works, or if a few isolated incidents that are reported in our news outlets, but this is something to bear in mind, especially as year on year they said they were going to increase funding and it doesnt look like it helped much.
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Updated: May 16, 2016
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