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Acute Insomnia at Uni Accommodation 😞 - please share insights

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    Hi Guys,
    Im really new here and I've been searching everywhere online for some advice on how to fix this problem.. I'd like to say firstly that I don't think this is just a sleeping problem that can be fixed by structured sleeping cycles, not consuming any caffeine before bed, or exercising regularly type of thing. I already incorporate all this 'common-sense' type of stuff that you can find on sites like webmd.com or equivalent in my daily routine... here is my basic situation:

    I basically get ready for bed, make sure I'm clean and comfortable, and just end up lying there awake for ages, maybe dozing off into a light sleep periodically. Right now, it has not really been affecting my daily routine and grades, but I'm really scared that it will if this continues. I've been dealing with this for months and months now. I've gone to see a doctor, who really really did not help at all. She literally read out things to me she searched online...

    It is really strange because when I go back home, I have absolutely no troubles falling asleep. I have a feeling it is something to do with my uni accommodation. I really don't know what, because my flatmates are not super noisy, and my bed isn't uncomfortable or anything like that. It's literally driving me mad, any advice would be much appreciated!! ❤️

    I met a guy with the same problem the doctor told him to go out and party to the point of exhaustion he eventually fell asleep at 4pm a week later and woke up at 6 am feeling great

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Updated: April 19, 2016
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