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Reccomendations for survey websites

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    we have a lot of people posting surveys on TSR and I thought it would be useful to pull together some recommendations and limitations on the different websites you can use to host surveys.

    Once we get some of your answers we can integrate this into this article (How to get survey responses on TSR) or create an article just for this .

    The most common at the moment seem to be:

    Google Forms

    I've heard good things about Google Forms but haven't used it. It would be useful to get some feedback from people who used it. From a survey completer point of view I don't like the layout of google forms surveys - on a PC they sit in the middle of the screen and you have to scroll down much more than necessary.


    Survey Monkey

    The big player. The options for free accounts are very limited from experience.



    A lot of universities subscribe to this for academic research. Is it any good?


    Thoughts about the following would be useful:

    * Pros and cons
    * How easy was it to use to set up the survey?
    * What features were available (types of questions, number of questions, logic etc)?
    * How easy was it to export/analyse your results?
    * how did the survey look when it was done?
    * Was it free and did it offer good value for money?

    Are we all missing out on some amazing survey sites?

    Google Docs

    Pros and cons
    • Free with no number cap.
    • Can share editing privileges with a number of people.
    • Logic branching. I.e. Survey can change based upon previously selected answers
    • Visual display and integration with other google apps.
    • Results easily outputted into spreadsheet where further analysis and things like custom formatting and duplicate merging can can be done.
    • Limited templates
    • No integration with popular e-commerce sites for business users.
    • No wizard help and not very user friendly.
    How easy was it to use to set up the survey?

    Not that complicated for an intermediate-advanced computer user but as above, not very user friendly.

    How easy was it to export/analyse your results?
    Exportation was easy. When I used it, the analysis tools were limited however there were a range of graphical methods to display the data.

    How did the survey look when it was done?
    Pretty drab but I did not use the custom theme facility which was available.

    Was it free and did it offer good value for money?

    Completely free. It has its limitations. I don't think it's as simple as "you get what you pay for". It serves a purpose and can be useful.

    I used survey monkey - it's the first time I've made my own survey. It has quite limited options for free, you're only allowed 10 questions and I also would have liked the option to direct people to different questions based on their answers but that is a premium option so I had to modify my questions a bit.

    Qualtrics is amazing. You can do the following things

    - Randomise questions
    - Adapt it to work on a mobile phone
    - Track where respondents found the link using survey strings
    - Use display logic so people see questions dependent on their answers
    - Adapt the look and design of your questionnaire
    - Prevent people from taking it more than once
    - Set quotas for respondents
    - Set different branches and endings for people

    Plus their customer service is incredible. As it is in America they will reply to you in the afternoons and evening and even at midnight sending you tailor made videos to answer all questions.

    Best bet is to do lots of other peoples surveys and see what they are like in comparison. I think Qualtrics is a lot better than Google Doc and Survey Monkey but if your uni does not have an account then you are capped at 100 responses.
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