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Different relationship developments?

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    Just wondering how a relationship develops depending on how well you know the person before?

    There's normally two situations.

    1. You date someone who you know only lightly (e.g. you've known them for less than a few months)
    2. You date someone who you're good friends with (e.g. been close to them already for over a year).

    This second one is what recently happened to me when both of us confessed our love for each other - we had both been crushing on each other for months. How will this develop differently to the more common relationship where the two people discover each other as they go? She and I already know each other very well. Everything has been wonderful since then and I can already see that this is going to be much smoother with fewer arguments than if I dated someone I knew less well, but I'm curious to know what else is going to be different.
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    This is my first relationship for a few years, and this is her first one ever. If that makes any difference.

    No way to predict, there are too many other factors.

    In my personal experience, there was a young lady I liked at university. I never asked her out and thought about her for 8 years, then we happened to be in the same city and started a relationship. Her family was remarkably like mine, both dads physicians, intellectual, and strong personalities. We were together 4 years and I was sure we would get married from day one. But I was relieved when we didn't.

    My next relationship was with someone I met in a train in Japan, a Brit from a completely different background (working class parents). We met next not for a date, but just to visit a museum together, and it had a Japanese line of about 3 hours to get in. We talked the whole time and pretty much had a relationship by the time we got out of the museum. We got married within a year and are now approaching our silver anniversary.

    That's just our story. Everyone's is different. Completely different.

    You'll probably have less issues with miscommunications as you know each other well, and she may find it easier to trust you and rely on you rather than having reservations until she finds out more about you. In my experience, it makes confronting issues a lot easier cause you feel more comfortable. It could be a bit different cause you suddenly change your outlook on each other so it could take a while to adjust.
    Still, depends completely on you two personally...
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Updated: April 19, 2016
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