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Modern Languages - Which uni to go to??

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    I have applied to study German and Russian at university and my offers have been from Sheffield, Nottingham and Exeter. Apart from sheffield, the other two uni's gave me an offer pretty late, which means that I have missed the opportunity to go to any post-offer visit days. I didn't attend the open days earlier either. My visit to sheffield was nice though! Loved the city, atmosphere and the the department seemed lovely with lots of interesting modules

    But now I am finding it really difficult to decide... Sheffield and Nottingham are closest to me which does mean it is more convenient, but I have heard such great things about Exeter and how it is a lovely place! (albeit expensive and some are saying really posh). Although I am not a massive believer in league tables, Exeter is a better university overall, for modern languages and even for German and Russian separately...But without having visited the place before hand, i could never know how at home I would feel there.
    I am also interested in maybe taking up a third language from beginners level, and Nottingham do not offer this! However it wouldn't be the end of the world if I wasn't able to do this, as Russian and German alone are not easy languages at all.

    Anyway if anyone has any suggestions, advice or general info on studying languages at those uni's it would be extremely helpful! Any fellow modern language applicants?

    As a uni of Sheffield student studying French and German I recommend coming to uni here! The German department are pretty great! The city and life is also amazing and the accommodation is superb compared to others I have visited. Sheffield make it possible to do 3 languages as a BAML (BA Modern Languages) and is one of the only universities to offer Dutch and Luxembourgish, although you can't take the latter until 2nd year I believe. However everyone I've met, students and staff included, at Sheffield have been so welcoming and friendly! I wouldn't go to uni anywhere else

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Updated: May 23, 2016
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