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    King's College London - MSc in Forensic Mental Health
    London School of Economics - MSc in Philosophy of Science

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    Hey everyone!

    I'm new here (have been lurking for a while though). I hope you guys can help me out with deciding between two offers: The MSc in Forensic Mental Health and King's College and the MSc in Philosophy of Science at LSE.

    I have two undergraduate degrees (I am apparently chronically ambivalent), but since I can't afford to do both Masters, I'd be really grateful for some input

    Regarding what to do with my life after the MSc, I figured either an academic career/PhD if I do philosophy or research/civil service if I do mental health.

    Also, I'm not from the UK, so if the choice should already be obvious and I'm just foreign and clueless, please inform me.

    I'm waiting to hear from UCL but it's obviously not guaranteed that I'll get an offer from them.

    I'll attach a poll for those of you who don't feel much like typing.

    Thanks a bunch!

    From what I gather based on my preliminary research (don't torch me if I am incorrect), while all three are considered good to great institutions, there is still a gap from UCL/LSE to KCL.

    Gosh. Those are two very different MSc programmes. To my mind, the choice should be made not on the basis of the overall reputation of the institutions, but on the basis of your own interests and goals. Maybe a cliched but helpful exercise would be to write a list of pros and cons for each programme, weighting the items depending on their relative strength (and the strength of your evidence supporting each item)? But really, I got nothing. This is a pretty personal decision.

    Would really help to know the undergraduate subjects you studied.

    King's College, London has ties to the world famous Guy's Hospital in London and KCL's psychiatry research is arguably up there as the best in the country and so that should be something to consider seriously.

    Forensic mental health seems it can do so much: NHS, Police - NCA, Legal proceedings i.e. court cases, expert witness.

    Psychiatry is seen as a most prestigious of professions as here in the UK you have to study a 5 year medicine degree and then about 5 - 6 years of clinical training, so it is no easy career path and it is fascinating this idea of normality and consciousness and what people experience and perceive when suffering conditions.

    Plus much to do with possibly writing journal articles and writing books.
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    Thanks to everyone who's responded so far, for all your insight! If it's of any interest my undergraduate degrees are in criminology and theoretical philosophy, respectively.

    The MSc at King's is a research pathway, as opposed to a clinical pathway - meaning that it's not a degree in psychology or psychiatry, but an academic research MSc

    I have always pictured myself somewhere in the public sector or as a civil servant, and one of my degrees is in criminology, as mentioned. This would perhaps make mental health the obvious choice, but from what I've gathered, graduates from LSE Philosophy of Science have ended up in the public sector too, as analysts and researchers etc. Additionally, LSE has such a good rep with employers and in academia in general.

    I'm a person who sometimes experiences mild anxiety over my choice of socks in the morning, so this decision feels quite overwhelming at the moment... I really appreciate all the advice so far
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