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Organic Chemistry - AS Level

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    After completing the experiment from the attached sheet, I have been asked by my teacher to complete the questions. For question 1 I have been fine. In question 2, I have been unsure how to classify Hexan-1,6-diol as primary, secondary or tertiary and the same with propane-1,2-diol. I have assumed the first was primary and have written the following:
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    I would appreciate any help anyone can give with this. I have looked in my textbook and have looked online a bit and haven't been able to find anything relating to this.
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    Attached Images
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    I think when you define an alcohol as primary secondary or tertiary you are defining it for a specific alcohol group on the chain.

    so think what you have done is correct.
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    Hmm thanks. I hope it is. I was also just completing question 3 after posting this and have encountered another confusing thing. I got the molecular formula to be C3H6O for part and for b I got the compound to be propan-1-ene-2-ol (not sure if name is correct but you should know what I mean). I don't, however, see how that can be oxidized to a ketone as it has a double bond which would cause there to be 5 bonds on a carbon. (see attached images again)
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    Hi I don't know if it's too late, but your molecular formula is correct however the compound drawn isn't.
    First of all it states that when bromine water is added, there is no colour change. This indicates that your molecular doesn't have a C=C bond.
    But because it's able to oxidise to a ketone it has to have a OH group. The only option is to have a cyclic ring system, so compound Z should be cyclopropanol.
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