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why did she smile at me?

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    So there is this girl that I like not sure if she like. so today I walking and she was on her 1's (on her own)and I was with a few friends, when we locked eyes she smiled at me which somehow caused me to smile (I never smile at other people lol) however I did not approach that girl because I was with friends YGM plus the fear ofrejection and being laughed at as aresult loooool.
    so this girl has smiled at mebefore and we know each other a bit as in each other'snames, however, she is friends with someof my friends. I have her on Insta and she did like all of myphotos.
    so, ingeneral, why do girls smile atother guys?
    I really need to focus on my GCSE’s but FIT

    I literally lost brain cells reading this thread.

    She was just being friendly. Now focus on your GCSE's.

    I really don't know if this is a troll or not, but I swear to God what the **** is up with all these posts about whether or not some girl/guy (girl usually), likes you or not, based on some tiny things???

    Seriously can you guys not contain your penis?

    "Guys she's in my study group, is she into me?"

    "She asked to borrow my glue stick, is she wanting something more?"

    "This girl laughed and her voice entered my ears, does she like me?"

    "In a parallel universe, she could be liking me, does she like me in this one?"

    There's this thing called being civil and polite.

    Slide into them DMs

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Updated: April 19, 2016
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