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Guys that vape?

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    But why?

    Choice one - Smoke cigarettes and get nicotine because I dont want to be "too pussy" but i'll also be getting cancer later in life

    Choice two - Smoke an e-cigarette which doesnt include the cancer causing chemicals but still gives me nicotine.

    Thats why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Choice three - don't smoke anything and not look like a giant douchebag

    Nothing wrong with vaping/smoking/weed/cocaine/ecstasy

    Do as you please

    It would put me off personally, I really hate it. It's smells so sickly to me and the smell hits you when you're walking past people as it's a huge cloud of vapour. I was standing at a traffic light and this girl's vapour hit me and genuinely was completely around me, I've never seen so much vapour. Also I hate the fact people do it inside too. Then the other issues I have are all the shops popping up everywhere with "starter kits". I thought it was to help stop smoking, I see nothing advertising about that, just horrible gaudy shops with giant frog mascots (no idea) advertising it.

    I genuinely think I'd rather the smell of smoke than vapour, it's the same reason I feel slightly nauseated walking past shisha restaurants.

    Obviously these are all my personal opinions and other people will like it/won't care.

    (Who knew I had such strong feelings until I started typing lol).

    We get it, you vape!

    zero seven three nine nine
    six seven four seven
    eight three


    To be honest this is a ridiculous addiction which will bring no credibility. Possibly marginally less disgusting than smoking, but somehow even more crazy. Same applies to girls. Work on giving up.

    Some of you really are clueless.
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Updated: May 20, 2016
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