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Picking a University to Firm?? types of people at BATH/BRISTOL UNI!??

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    I know this has been done to death- but I'd really like some opinions ASAP.

    I have to choose between Bath and Bristol- I basically already firmed Bristol but I'm having serious second thoughts. (Bristol has lower asking grades btw).

    They're both on the same level with regards to course I want to do. Bristol offers a year abroad, whilst Bath specialises slightly more on a topic I enjoy.

    Bath is stereotyped as being boring, whilst Bristol is stereotyped as being for rich kids and party animals. I didn't take these too seriously as I assumed Uni is just what you make of it.

    I went to Bath a few weekends ago, and it did seem quite subdued. Very small-townish, not very clubby- I do really like dancing, and I don't mind a bit of alcohol, but I don't plan on making fool out of myself. Am a practising Catholic so I'm not into that promiscious uni stuff. Bath seemed like much more of a comfortable environment- friendly and enjoyable. Although very expensive and dead- nothing to do really.

    I think Bristol is a bit more lively. After reading up on what people are like- articles and stuff, I doubt i'll find anyone like me. I'm not rich, I go to a state school, I'm quite quiet around people I find intimidating and I don't drink much. I'm the opposite of this when I'm around friends or people I'm comfortable with.

    Are there any normal, poor, prospective Bristol students that don't shop at Waitrose and aren't going to get wrecked every night? I love Bristol, I just don't see myself fitting in with the people, whilst I don't really like Bath, I feel I'd get along with the people a little better as they seem friendlier..?

    I thought the whole Rah thing about Bristol was a joke- even though I've heard so many people say it but after looking at this twitter page- https://twitter.com/uobproblems?lang=en-gb from people that acutally go there, it must obviously be true. I don't know what accomodation I would fit in most at either- I haven't seen much of any subdued, working class kids in Bristol forums? Is Bath a better option..??
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    I'm from Bristol and working class, and I go to Asda for my shopping . I've met many regular people from all sorts of backgrounds

    Stereotypes are always exaggerated.

    I was in the same situation last year. I ended up completely dropping Bath because even though it was the uni I liked the most visiting the city was too small/dead for me to consider living there. I worked for a year before starting, but the poshness of people is the single thing I'm most worried about in terms of settling in. It really varies by accommodation though - UH, which I'm applying for, is the lowest at about 20% private schooled, though that's still about the same as the majority of other Russell Group unis and about three times the national average.
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