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How do you keep a conversation going???

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    i have never been the one to start or keep convos going, most of the friends I've made have all been them making the effort I've realised. I do come across as quite an intriguing character in which people seem to be interested in but I never realised that until recently.

    now it's come to a time where I need to make friends myself and make the effort with people. BUT I just don't know how to keep a conversation going if the other person isn't asking the questions. I show an interest and ask multiple questions but I seem so boring and the conversation just always seems to die.

    Recently came out of a long term relationship. Not so used to conversing with new people, went on 4 diff dates of complete diff characters but I just couldn't get engaged in convo with any of them.

    I REALLY need some tips, I have been starting and trying to keep convos going with random people so I can get better at spontaneous conversation but it's HARD

    Ahh, you seek the Gift of the Gab. :holmes:
    Repeated exposure to social situations will boost ones confidence, and in turn, bestow thy tongue with the ability to banter.

    Would you be willing to join a local club? Conversing is easier when done over a common interest. For example, you could check if there is a Knitters Club in your area? A bit of patter about your favourite embroideries & various yarns you own, and soon you'll be spinning words faster than Eminem. All the lads will want to be your friend. Trust me.
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