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    Just to clarify now, I know that Allegiant is a work of fiction in both book and film form and that none of the characters are actually real, which just makes this situation a whole lot weirder.
    The other day I read the final chapters of Allegiant by Veronica Roth in which (SPOILER ALERT), Tris dies.
    I knew that this would happen and yet for some reason as I was reading the book I suddenly got a sensation like a lead weight was hanging over my heart and it's almost like she's died in real life and I keep getting sudden twinges about how she died and all she was remembered as was a rebel. Also I get twinges when I think of how Tobias is probably feeling so heartbroken. This tends to come at random moments and can be triggered by things like lyrics in songs.
    It's weird because I have no history of depression or anything like that and I know that they're not real but it seems to have triggered this lead weight feeling in my chest and I feel really down at the moment, like it's a death in my family not in a book. I do have dyspraxia which can result in unusual emotional responses and dyspraxics are more prone to depression and anxiety because of our social awkwardness. Also, when I watch films or read some books with particularly sad endings then I do feel down, but it usually goes after a while and it's never like this. Anyone got any clue what's happening?

    please put spoilers in [spoilers]


    What's happening?

    I'm pretty 100% sure you've absolutely nothing wrong with you! Don't worry, honestly. I'm not too keen on the series myself but I'm a book lover and I understand what it feels like when you build up an emotional connection with the character in the novels through a series of books or chapters and then that happens... Just because you're sad about it doesn't mean you have depression or something, depression is nothing like this :-)
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