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New idea : government should provide stadiums for protesters to protest their hearts

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    Recently there has been massive wave of protest going on over the prime minister's link to an offshore account used to evade tax.

    Now protest is not pleasant as it obstructs the public and create a false impression of instability that will scare off foreign investors, and will also impact the tourism industry.

    I propose the government to be obligated to provide a large enough stadium for protesters to protest their hearts out inside the stadium so that they can protest all they want, without impacting anyone/anything negatively.

    win-win situation.

    That's an interesting idea, but I doubt that protesters are going to be happy to be boxed up in a stadium where no one sees their message. Part of making a protest work is by causing massive delays in transport and being a nuisance to everyone who's not involved. It's miserable for the bystanders but when it happens the government is forced to pay attention to protesters.

    By anyways, why are people getting so upset over it? We'd all do it if we had enough dosh for an offshore account and it's perfectly legal. Cameron was being smart about where he keeps his money, there's nothing bad about it.

    Stupid idea. The whole point of a protest is to be seen by as many as possible, which is why people protest on the streets in a public and visible place (e.g. protest marches) and why protests are sometimes "disruptive". Being restricted to a stadium kind of destroys the whole point of protesting.

    The point of protest is to be noticed and heard by those in authority. If you put them in some 'stadium' somewhere, they will be ignored. It's a form of restricting free speech, and will risk spilling out into something more serious, like civil disorder.

    So, no.

    A nice stadium so we can napalm them all at once.
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Updated: April 20, 2016
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