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Dropped out; thinking of going back

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    Hi everyone, I dropped out of first year maths at Warwick back in November 2015. I don't regret this considering how much I've learnt since then, but I feel I'm ready to go back and start afresh. I recall the person I spoke to at Warwick saying I could come back any time but I don't actually know what they meant by this. Should I just contact them and ask or is there a more formal procedure (like an application form for drop-outs)? I didn't apply to them through UCAS this year because I didn't think I had to but now I'm not so sure. Also would the reasons I put down for dropping out at the time have any effect on whether they let me back in (I think I put down some silly reasons like not liking the campus etc but that was only because I was fairly depressed back then).

    Any advice would be appreciated - thanks!

    Have you been treated for depression. make sure you have it under control and are signed off by your GP. They wont wnat a repeat, so you need to reassure them its being dealt with.
    Contact your old tutor and take it from there, they will know your situation and can give you informal guidance.
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