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Caught plagiarising

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    I'm a second year student about to go to university. I'm in my last semester and I got caught plagiarising a few images that my peer made. I got put on red card but I'm scared that the university will find out. My question is will this affect my entry to university? Will the college tell the university I plagiarised?

    Please urgent response needed, thanks!

    Tut tut.

    It's not in your school's interest to notify the university, so it's unlikely to happen. Is there someone at school who could reassure you?

    All UK universities have plagiarism software, so the consequences could be very serious if you indulge in this again when you become a fully-fledged student.

    I hope you have learnt your lesson in regards to Plagiarism. It is very serious when you get to university so you should be very careful. If the university did somehow find out (like the DrSocSciences said it would be unlikely) they would probably hold it against you but I would thought you will be alright as they shouldn't find out. Just be careful in future, and to reference any work that isnt yours!

    Btw, the following text is very useful:

    Pears, R. & Shields, G. (2013) Cite them right. The essential referencing guide 9th edn. London: Palgrave.

    It's covers far more complex citation scenarios than books or journals: eg. theses, internal reports, web pages with/without authors, social networking websites, legal material, book reviews etc.
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Updated: April 21, 2016
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