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I'm black. Is this racial discrimination?

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    My mate is big into law and is studying a law degree at Oxford. In his free time most of the time he doesn't wanna come out because he just wants to read law books and watch law documentaries. This was an odd night, however; as he decided he would come out with us.

    Firstly, my mate saw some guy drop a cigarette at the train station. He told me he was gonna do this guy over because he doesn't respect law and order. He was gonna toss this guy over but I managed to restrain him and stop any potential violent occurrence. He was going on about this guy and whilst we were going out clubbing, on the train he starts going on about how he's gonna arrest this guy in 5 years time when he's a law enforcement minister or whatever from photographic evidence to find out who he is. I just told him not to worry and said that there are more important things to worry about than who broke the law by dropping a cigarette.

    Secondly, we get to the club. He starts running his mouth outside the club about the way I'm dressed and tells me the bouncer looks like he could do us over. We quickly go to WHSmith to get some booze. On the way back, the streets are looking busy. I can see the club in the distance, the bouncers gone. My mate says lets go check it out. We find our other boys who got lost at this point.

    My mate stops at this point and puts his head in his hands. I say something along the lines of 'I heard it's poppin' at a club but he say I can't get in, cause I'm dressed like a thug'. He then, in conversation turns round and tells me I'm dressed like a thug and it's out of order. I told him ‘until I die, I'll be game related. Got me strivin' for a million, stayin' motivated’. He replies saying ‘Now that we made it it's a battle just for the big money I'm livin' wild, no smiles, cause ain't a thing funny!’ And I laffed in his face cause he tells me I can't dress like a thug.

    Does anyone think this is racial discrimination? Can I call the real law and order?

    That's not racism. He wasn't saying it because you're black, he said it because he didn't like the way you were dressed. If you were white he'd have probably said the same thing about your outfit. He was being rude about your outfit, skin color is irrelevant of what outfit you're wearing. If you want to label it it'd be called something like fashionism or clothingism or something (either way it's stupid to have an -ism for everything).

    Be careful not to bring race into things. Unless they explicitly mention one race being superior to another, calling it racism is just jumping to a (often false) conclusion.

    I doubt it.
    If you present yourself a certain way, be prepared to accept the consequences
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Updated: April 20, 2016
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