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Complicated situation

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    Hi All
    I am in a complicated situation at the moment and I can't decide what I want to do. I am currently in my 3rd year of five of a Bsc Health and Social Care at Open University and although I love my course I am hating doing everything from home. I also have an offer for UEL psychology which I deferred last year for mental health reasons.

    I really want to be a social worker and I have been looking at possible options.

    Either complete my degree with OU
    Graduate entry at universities
    Graduate entry via frontline and think ahead

    take the psychology route and transfer my points or apply for BSc route again

    Has anyone got any advice on what I can do?

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    I entered university as a mature student and I was put off by this idea of cabin fever which you have done brilliantly to get through so far but it must be frustrating to know you have more to do.

    I personally had a great time at university socialising amongst others interested in my subject and it was really inspiring and made the change for me to become the professional I wished to become so taking up the offer at UEL is worth considering.

    It is great you say you love your course as it is the passion for the subject and making something of it that will get you through to your desired goals.

    My friend studied his undergraduate in economics with Open and got in to masters at Bath University which is a great course and highly ranked in the country as they really appreciate and understand the efforts for someone to go through the distance learning process.

    I have to say I am not quite sure what your options are.

    Graduate entry? As in enter third year?

    I am not familiar with Frontline and Think Ahead.

    I can tell you that studying full time is almost like open university in that they set you work that doesn't have to be in for 3 months so sometimes the distance is just as great.

    If you are considering studying at UEL does this mean you are based in London? If so there is so much you could do like attending public lectures and meet, socialise and network with people and that can really fill a void in terms of expressing your creativity. and anxieties.
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    Update from me

    I have now completed K213 and I have decided to take the plunge and complete my degree with the Open University. I decided that taking psychology was too risky for me, I had already committed myself to completing the degree so I have stuck with gut instinct and I am going to stay. It will only be another 2 years and hopefully it's brick university here I come

    Another big update is that I had my exam on the 2nd June and I am waiting to get the results

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