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Warwick vs Sheffield for Biomedical Science

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    I am really stuck deciding between Warwick and Sheffield to study Biomedical Science! I really liked both when I went to visit and the courses look great. It seems that if I decided I wanted to switch to Biology that it would be easy to do that at Warwick and maybe not at Sheffield? Warwick is much closer to home for me so I like the idea that I would be able to get home quicker and people come to see me more easily. Will Warwick be able to offer me enough socially as Coventry isn't the nicest place and Leamington Spa is relatively small and expensive? I will want to be getting involved with music and hopefully sport. I obviously want to be employable when I finish my degree and have heard that Warwick is targeted much more by employers, is that right? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated as I need to make my decision asap! Thanks!

    I don't know anything at all about Sheffield Biomed so I'll just concentrate on Warwick. I'm a 2nd year Biomed student.

    Being home is a great advantage as it means less spent on travel and its convenient but obviously depends on how important that is to you.

    Socially, Warwick is what you make of it. There is so so so many societies and sports socs. You are extremely spoilt for choice in that respect. Although there isn't that much choice in nightlife, if you are in a sports society, they run their own socials often. You have several clubs in Leam, Kasbah in Coventry, Birmingham is only a train away and the SU as well. Music wise, there is a pretty diverse music scene around Warwick. Its not comparable to say Bristol but theres everything between Warwick Bass society to Warwick Opera.

    Academically, I know that swapping into Bio isn't too complicated, we share a lot of common modules in the first year so it wouldn't be difficult really. I'm loving the support Warwick is giving us in terms of employers. Lots of talks about lots of different career paths within life sciences, lots of networking events which is bound to help. Warwick seems to have a great relationship with major employers which means lots of opportunities for us. Hope that helps
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