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AQA B2 Science Question - please help!

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    When the body over-heats,blood vessels supplying the skin's capillaries dilate, allowing more blood to flow through the capillaries....but how does this help to cool us down?

    (Original post by Tasha_140)
    When the body over-heats,blood vessels supplying the skin's capillaries dilate, allowing more blood to flow through the capillaries....but how does this help to cool us down?
    Vessels dilate they become wider, therefore more blood flows through the skin allowing heat to be lost from the body faster.

    P.S - Isn't this unit from B3?

    Basically, if there is more blood supplies to the skins surface- heat can be lost faster. Think about it like 'distance' and if the capillaries in the skin are dilated, and blood flow is 'closer' to the surrounding area- there is a shorter pathway for the heat to escape (a bit like diffusion really). On the other hand, constricted capillaries means the warmer blood isn't flowing to the skin and therefore has a further distance to 'travel' in order to escape. Also, if the flow of blood is on the surface (dilated capillaries) then the blood won't be warmed up by the core body any longer, blood inside the core body will continue to have the supply of warmth from the internal body.

    This is b3 btw!! And for GCSE I am pretty sure you don't need to know this.
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    Yea, it's from B3 haha...but only realised after I'd posted it and then couldn't figure out how to change it

    Ah okay thank you both! Not sure if we need to understand in detail for GCSE - probably only need to know the basics that I wrote in the question, but I just wanted to know why so that I could have a better understanding - anyhow, thanks - that helped a lot! (:

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