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I feel like moving to northumbria uni lol... is this bad!!

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    I did first year psychology in northumbria (like high 40's in the league table), but i transferred to Newcastle (16th) for first year there and now I am sort of starting to regret this - Northumbria said they'd take me back for 2nd year but I am indecisive for the following reasons:

    1) The course is mind numbingly boring in NCLlike its insanely hard for me to concentrate, the course itself is much more demanding which is made harder by the fact that none of the modules interest me and the lecturers have no banter lol as opposed to northumbria especially the 2nd year module choices were right up my street - I FEEL LIKE i would more likely do well in Northumbria than NCL, but statistics online say otherwise (2:1 and over = NCL 95%: northumbria 85%)

    2) Another issue is one is a met the other is a RG - apparently this doesn't matter, what matters i work experience (under the condition you get a 2:1 or above) which leads me to my last issue...

    3) I feel like NCL has more opportunities in terms of work experience etc but I am not 100% sure, it's just what I have concluded from the recruitment fairs, careers service page and emails with opportunities

    I am legit just confused, I feel so overwhelmed and like I will fail here - they do statistics on some next level and this goes on even in 3rd year, northumbria only do it till second ffs lol

    Tough choice. I was looking at Newcastle Uni as I've tried Northumbria and they are more vocationally focussed. Alas this is perhaps EXACTLY what you need if you are going to use the Psych qualification to practice in therapy afterwards. I also looked at the Newcastle Uni Psych programme, and talked to people that had done it, and it is a disappointment, I mean animal psychology is a large part of the course, I think a whole module or more! And yeah, too much maths. But for me, I was already leaning out of Psych studies, although it's truly fascinating, it's not leading to any job I want, psychologists are hard done too and most psych students end up in marketing, no? I don't want my life's work to be that. I would suggest you note all the points you feel are valuable from Newcastle, and take it to Northumbria admissions tutors for their input. The stats are not relevant though, are they? Northumbria offers a chance to lower achieving entrants, of course they pay with lower stats, but if you got into Newcastle and are prepared to work, you can get a First from Northumbria, or any UK university, that is on YOU. I'm certainly not hearing that Northumbria is costing bright and able students their deserved scores due to negligence or incorrect teaching, so what do the stats truly have to do with anything? Especially a mere 10% difference. You do not believe you are in the top 85%? There is something to be said for the quality of the establishment, degrees maybe viewed with more esteem from certain establishments, but is that truly more influential then you giving a good interview when applying for a job, I doubt it. And Newcastle Uni has no pool! Northumbria students can use a pool and gym for just £17/m!!!!

    Still for me, Newcastle has the course I want, and I wanted the experience of the older university institution. I hope I'm not disappointed and that you make the right choice for yourself (the stats be damned!).
    It's also worth considering where would give you a programme that includes the BPS qualification in the course. The last time I checked, I vaguely recall NEITHER institution offered it, and you'd need it to be legit (chartered) and practice therapy. Tyne Met college did offer the qualification, but that is another consideration altogether.

    Consider whether you are studying to get a job or studying because you want to learn. If the experience is more important than the end result then Northumbria is the way to go for you; the inverse is true for Newcastle. Professional accreditation/recognition factor in, too. I don't work in psychology, nor have I studied it past A Level so I don't know the professional industry, however remember that the UK is a little elitist, and having Newcastle vs Northumbria to your name does help, regardless of what others will tell you.
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Updated: May 31, 2016
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