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Hows my writing?

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    Now I am aware that most people cant be ars*d to read strangers work but I did this for a mock paper and was just looking for any constructive criticism. Thanks!
    The task was a GCSE language section b – writing paper and we had to write about a celebration that went much better than expected.

    Unexpected celebration

    Celebrations. Something good has happened, perhaps it's somebody’s birthday, or a friend is getting married. But it's not all fun and games, occasionally a party Is so boring you have to come up with a lousy excuse to escape the torturous 'celebration'. However, once in a blue moon, that one 28th cousin that is barely related to you is getting married and guess what, you're invited, so you skip your knitting class that week and go to the party. You sit in the car dreading the few hours that could have been spent making a scarf for your gorgeous nephew not knowing that you are about to experience one of the best parties in your life.

    One dreary winters day when I was young man, I sat watching useless documentaries on TV when I received a letter through the post, it was an invitation for my family and I to go to our distant cousins wedding. To a moody teenager, like I was at the time, I couldn’t bear the thought of thousands of pesky 7 year old's running around like headless chickens and screeching as if they were a bald eagle in search of its prey. I pleaded to be excused from the party but my parents refused. So, that was it, the end. Two whole days of my holiday would be spent at a wedding. Horrible, right?

    Well, it turned out that I had a ticket booked for a hidden gem of a celebration. Time passed and the event approached quickly. Tickets were booked, bags were packed, then all of a sudden I was sitting in a Bed and Breakfast in the middle of nowhere watching useless documentaries on TV. Eventually I passed out into the haze of blackness that we call sleep. Bliss. Until I am being slapped round the face by my younger sister. Not so bliss. Get dressed, eat breakfast, get in the car. Eventually we found ourselves driving up the mile long path to a luxurious lakeside manor house in the heart of the Irish countryside.

    We park next to a variety of exotic vehicles, owned by the richer side of our family, in our high end Honda Civic, now that’s a sight. We exit the car and walk up to the massive double doors, that must guard at least over ten million pounds worth of house, and we are greeted by a butler who directs us through to the party. Everybody is dressed in fine clothes. Everything was hand carved to perfection. All of it is incredible. The wedding service is packed with people but the after party is the jaw dropping part.

    The main party hall of the manor was overflowing with people, statues, flowers, everything imaginable. Several mile long tables that could barely hold the weight of all the food and then the prize item of the hall, the cake. Three tiers of immaculately decorated cake. Hundreds of hand made, edible flowers encircling a thick layer of icing guarding the cakes stuffed with a fruits imaginable. Not one person in that massive room wasn’t dazzled by the sheer beauty of the entirety of the building.

    There they stood, arm in arm, the newly wedded couple. The groom was impeccably dressed in a fine suit and the bride was beautiful. Draped in multiple layers of white silk and a few feet of dress being dragged along behind her. The crowd fell silent as the couple entered the room, then, al of a sudden, every single person burst into a applause.

    So yes, some celebrations are dead boring and you end up wanting to leave within ten minutes of being there, but this is a good example of an unexpected occasion, that will certainty be the most astonishing party of my life.
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Updated: April 20, 2016
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